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Linda replied to Jeanne-Marie's discussion Are you "in the closet"? ;-)
"I am still in the closet with exception for a couple of friends. Recently, I thought I was logged into my personal email and I wrote someone about a practice reading. Turns out I was actually in a work email account that is shared/accessible by…"
12 hours ago
Linda posted a discussion

Timeline Visualization

Hello,Could someone please share with me the timeline visualization for looking at the future for career, relationships, whatever, etc? I forget what it is and I know it would be faster/easier than putting up a bunch of different flowers, one each for 6 months, 12 months, etc.Thank you! LindaSee More
12 hours ago
DreamDangerous is now a member of www.seventhsight.org
12 hours ago
Linda replied to Linda's discussion Practice Readings
"thank you Robert, Star Wind, and Jamie for volunteering! I have sent you all emails to set up times, so please let me know if you didn't receive them. Judy, I would love to arrange with you but I do not have your email. Thanks again, everyone!…"




What are Your Spiritual Goals?

Started by Natalie Cormier. Last reply by Natalie Cormier on Monday. 6 Replies

Hi all! So based on the previous discussion, it gave me an idea for this new discussion.I would be curious to know how some of you came about on this spiritual journey, was it after triggered by some life event or has it been going on for as long as…Continue

Practice Readings

Started by Linda. Last reply by Linda yesterday. 7 Replies

Hello,I just completely Debra's Clairvoyant 1 class this summer and I am looking to get as much practice as I can! If you are interested in me conducting a free practice reading on you, please leave your email here or contact me at…Continue

Would you like to be in a Manifest Miracles Group?

Started by SunDrop. Last reply by Jaime Oct 11. 2 Replies

Hi Everyone,I'm looking for a small group who would like to form a temporary circle with me focused on manifesting goals/miracles for each person in the group. This will be virtual, and mainly done via email. Depending upon how many people are…Continue

Feeling deficient as a psychic because you don't see auras or dead people? ;-)

Started by Jeanne-Marie. Last reply by Natalie Cormier Oct 10. 3 Replies

Hi there, everyone! :-)I’ve been wanted to add this thread for all of us who are doing psychic soul-searching, and this is especially for those who are just now starting to get attuned to their psychic self, so I hope you enjoy it and let me know…Continue

Spirit Dream vs 'Standard' Dream

Started by Tiffany. Last reply by Jeanne-Marie Sep 27. 15 Replies

Aloha all,It was recently brought up in discussion the ability to discern between when spirit visits a dream vs having a regular, every day dream. How do you tell the difference, personally? Or/also, what happened that was your notification of…Continue

New clairvoyant exercise ideas

Started by Tiffany. Last reply by Jeanne-Marie Oct 6. 41 Replies

Aloha all,New to the site and this is also my first post! As I have been expanding my abilities over the last couple of years, clairvoyance is my newest to open up. I was given an initial exercise to begin practicing (I've been reading about 10…Continue

Are you "in the closet"? ;-)

Started by Jeanne-Marie. Last reply by Linda 12 hours ago. 53 Replies

I thought it might be interesting to hear from SeventhSight members how they feel about telling friends and family about their intuitive and healing work.Have you "outed yourself" as being psychic, or are you still "in the closet" (as I am with some…Continue


Started by LillyBee. Last reply by Jeanne-Marie Sep 29. 29 Replies

Hello everyone, I'm new here.I've joined this site because I used to have certain dreams I knew were different from a regular dream and had a special meanings. Some ended up being premonitory dreams about mundane things, another about 9/11 (recently…Continue


Started by Jeanne-Marie. Last reply by Jeanne-Marie Sep 13. 42 Replies

Hi Everyone,Are you familiar with clairtangency (clear touching), also known as psychic touch?  The ability of clairtangency is associated with the act or practice of psychometry.Clairtangency is one of the lesser-discussed "clairs," which is why I…Continue

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5 Easy Tips for Developing Clairvoyance

Started by Jeanne-Marie. Last reply by Jeanne-Marie Oct 8. 3 Replies

Hi everyone,When responding to a blog post from JW, who was asking how he could develop his clairvoyance, I ended up writing out 5 Easy Tips for Developing Clairvoyance.  So while I responded to him personally, I'd also like to share this with…Continue

Blog Posts

I would love a free reading! =)

Posted by Tracy on September 22, 2017 at 2:11pm 0 Comments

Hello, I just joined and am so happy to be in the midst of such beautiful souls. I am hoping to get a free reading. Unfortunately, I am not developed enough in this area to give a free reading in return! But I promise to be a good recipient: open…


Help Find Me

Posted by Nedra Khamsao Yang on March 2, 2017 at 8:55am 0 Comments

Help find missing persons, solve homicides and locate victims of human trafficking

An organization called FIND ME uses over 150+ psychics and volunteers…



Posted by Windy Kai on March 1, 2017 at 4:59am 0 Comments

First, thank you so much for responding. Here is where I'm coming from and I want to make sure you know my specialty beforehand.

I’ve been a medium for a very long time but messages requested to be passed on were not that often. Then we…


Free Reading for Anyone Interested!

Posted by Judy D on February 15, 2017 at 12:36pm 2 Comments

Hi! If you would like a free reading or to exchange a reading, please email me at judydrake8296@gmail.com. I can work via Skype, phone or email. In return, I'd appreciate your honest feedback.


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