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This is an online community open to all who are devoted to spreading love, light, healing, and wisdom to the universe and everyone else in it, even if that is just one interaction, one word, one conversation, one smile, at a time. It is also a place to explore, enhance, discuss, and learn more about your own intuitive potential. There are many students and practitioners of various modalities on this site looking for practice opportunities and exchanges with other members. It is a social network founded by Debra Lynne Katz,Director of the International School of Clairvoyance but you don't need to be a student or affiliated to join.It is open to everyone with an open heart and an open mind, please join us, participate and make this place what you would like it to be. Any questions please direct to debrakatz@yahoo.com.


Join our community of psychic & spiritual explorers who seek to expand their own abilities & advance the human race for the benefit of all.

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Recommendations for (sitters) - Those receiving Mediumship Readings

Started by Debra Lynne Katz on Thursday. 0 Replies

Hi All, this was just published by the Windbridge foundation who has done a terrific job studying mediums as they do readings for people (something not at all easy to research for a variety of reasons).Copy and paste this into your address browswerhttp://www.windbridge.org/factsheets/WRC_sitters.pdfAlso would love to start a discussion here, what are your comments and thoughts in reading these recommendations? Especially those…Continue


Started by Kayla. Last reply by Chriselle Aug 12. 1 Reply

Hi all :) I recently joined, and thought I would introduce myself.I am an empath. I have been able to feel other people's emotions and "see" who they are since I was a child. It peaked during my high school years; I was a wild empath, out of control, unable to control my abilities or even differentiate which emotions were mine and which were "other". It was a very challenging time. The worst was when I thought I was going crazy, but didn't feel like there was anyone I could talk to. I felt so…Continue

Tags: empathic

Clairvoyant Reading

Started by Lina Lucana. Last reply by Chriselle Aug 12. 8 Replies

Hey you guys I would like to practice on someone any volunteers:)Continue

Practice Readings Offered!

Started by Chriselle Aug 12. 0 Replies

Hello, I'm Chriselle and wanted to get practice readings in. Inbox/message me if you would like to be the person I practice on or if you're interested in exchanging readings. Curious to know the different style in how people read and take in information.Continue

To Other Readers - Do You Offer Readings at your House???

Started by Linda. Last reply by Lori M Aug 10. 5 Replies

Does anyone here offer readings at your house?I do most of my readings over the phone, but I do in-person at psychic fairs and I've done a few at someone else's office.I get requests for in-person readings and I would rather read at home, since I don't have to drive and the space is energetically already how I want it. However, the idea of having a stranger in my house while I'm sitting there with my eyes closed for an hour is a little weird. I would probably only allow females to come to my…Continue

So confused

Started by Kay Andrews. Last reply by Star Wind Aug 5. 3 Replies

Hi I'm new here, just wanted to share somethings and hopefully get some insight. Excuse me for this LONG READ.    All my life I have been what you call sensitive. My mother and sister are also sensitive but in different areas. I would tell my mom a memory I had when I was younger and she would would be so puzzled because she would say how do you know that you were barely three. When I say remember, I mean I remember specific details and I picture it in my head so clearly and vividly. On some…Continue

Spirit Guide?

Started by Mary Thibodeaux. Last reply by Lina Lucana Jul 17. 2 Replies

Hey guys, i'm new here. I need some insight. I reciently meditated trying to connect to my spirit guide. The other night right before i fell asleep i seen this person,very pale white with pale white hair and one eye the same color the other was brown maybe black. Right after i seen this i seen a white wolf with the same color eyes. Could this have been my spirit guide???Continue

Mediumship / Spirit Communication

Started by RCDforum Jun 29. 0 Replies

Hi everyone. I am looking to connect with a loved one who has passed, named Chris. I still love him dearly and believe he has contacted me on a psychic level, but I am looking for some type of external confirmation, so that I can know for sure he is still here with me, and that my experiences have been real. Some bit of communication or sign that could not possibly come from my imagination or wishful thinking. I don't mean to doubt, but grief can get in the way sometimes. :(So, in a way, I come…Continue

• • Traveling In Time. When Dreams Are More Than Just Dreams • •

Started by Donna Frasca. Last reply by Julie Jun 28. 18 Replies

Dreams are amazing. I had a dream last night that I was in Italy looking for a pair of shoes to wear for a wedding and to buy a bottle of wine. It was so real! The detail!I saw in detail and color what the people wore, the stores around me, the conversations. I watched how people walked down the streets, I saw inside each window display in detail I even felt how the shoes fit when I tried them on. I felt emotions as I spoke to each person I met that day and had thoughts within thoughts about…Continue

Tags: lucid, dreams, travel, time

Need Update on Times/Days for the Practice Group for Graduates

Started by SunDrop. Last reply by SunDrop Jun 11. 4 Replies

Hello Psychic Friends,Hope you all are well! Does anyone know which day/s and/or time/s the psychic practice group is these days. I know it used to be on (I think, lol) Mondays and Wednesdays in the morning and evenings and then it changed. Not sure any more. If one of you can tell me I will be very grateful.Thanks!! SundropContinue


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